Richard Blaszak (2021)


  • Laura Hesemann (2021)


  • Bakri Alzarka
  • Abby Basalely
  • Donald Batisky
  • Sonal Bhatnagar
  • Neal Blatt
  • Kristy Campbell
  • Brendan Crawford
  • Ankana Daga
  • Keefe Davis
  • Beatrice Goilav
  • Sangeeta Hingorani
  • Mohammad Ilyas
  • Catherine Joseph
  • Aadil Kakajiwala
  • Connie Mackay
  • John Mahan
  • Sai Sudha Mannemuddhu
  • Kirtida Mistry
  • Shashi Nagaraj
  • Oana Nicoara
  • Victoria Norwood
  • Cynthia Pan
  • Raymond Quigley
  • Saritha Ranabothu
  • Kimberly Reidy
  • Alyssa Riley
  • Mauricio Romero Olvera
  • Rita Swinford
  • Rene VanDeVoorde
  • Larysa Wickman

Council Liaison

  • Meredith Atkinson


Larry Greenbaum
Patrick Brophy


  • Works with ASPN membership, fellowship training program directors and other organizations to facilitate training and certification of future pediatric nephrologists and support the ongoing certification needs of practicing pediatric nephrologists.
    These duties include but are not limited to:
    a. Interactions with ACGME, the ABP, and other entities as needed to represent the membership of the ASPN in matters pertaining to fellowship training, initial certification and maintenance of certification
    b. Support for fellowship training program directors, trainees, and potential trainees  


The Training & Certification Committee shall consist of 3 Council appointed Chairs (1 Chair & 2 Co-Chairs) not on Council, a Council Liaison and volunteer members. Chairs will serve 3 year staggered terms. Terms may be renewable at the discretion of the Council.


2 Year Renewable

American Board of Pediatrics’ Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

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  ABP Contact Info:; 919-929-0461 from 8:30a-5p EST Mon-Fri


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