John Mahan (2019)


  • Susan Halbach (2019)
  • Shamir Tuchman (2021)


  • Carolyn Abitbol
  • Donald Batisky
  • David Briscoe
  • Paul Fadakar
  • Daniel Feig
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Beatrice Goilav
  • Matthew Grinsell
  • Erum Hartung
  • Stanley Hmiel
  • Catherine Joseph
  • David Kershaw
  • Myda Khalid
  • Marc Lande
  • Rebecca Lombel-Fahim
  • Sai Sudha Mannemuddhu
  • Debora Matossian
  • Kevin Meyers
  • Arwa Nada
  • Oana Nicoara
  • Damien Noone
  • Victoria Norwood
  • Rebecca Ruebner
  • Joshua Samuels
  • Scott Van Why
  • Barry Warshaw
  • Wayne Waz
  • Laurel Willig


  • Works with ASPN membership, fellowship training program directors and other organizations to facilitate training and certification of future pediatric nephrologists. These duties include but are not limited to:
  • a. Interactions with ACGME, the ABP, and other entities as needed to represent the membership of the ASPN in matters pertaining to fellowship training and initial certification.
  • b. Support for fellowship training program directors, trainees, and potential trainees.
  • Serves as a sub-committee to the Training and Certification Committee and provides a common voice for Program Directors regarding issues pertinent to pediatric nephrology trainees and pediatric nephrology fellowship programs.


The Training Program Directors Sub-Committee shall consist of the U.S. and Canadian Training Program Directors. The Chair is appointed by Council.


No Term Limits

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