Non-election year


  • The committee nominates ASPN members for various positions to the ASPN Council and Committees.


The Nominating Committee shall consist of 2 Non-Council members appointed by Council and the Past President.  The Past President serves as chair.


Appointed Annually

Nominating Committee and Election Timeline

Late May The ASPN membership is solicited for volunteers to serve on the nominating committee.
June (Summer Council Mtg.) Council selects a nominating committee to consist of the past president and two additional ASPN members in good standing. Council develops recommendations for officers to forward to the nominating committee.
June (after Summer Council Mtg.) President contacts the nominees for the nominating committee to confirm that they will serve and provides the committee with their charge including the number of council positions and the areas of expertise for each council position that will need to be filed.
Late June The Chairman of the nominating committee, the ASPN President and Secretary send a letter to the ASPN membership requesting nominations for council positions to include a description of the area of expertise for each council position that needs to be filed. The deadline for nominations will be one month after the announcement with a reminder sent one week before the deadline. Council members forward recommendations to the central office and nominating committee for councilor positions. All nominations from the membership will be submitted to the central office and will be forwarded to the nominating committee when the deadline for nominations has been reached.
July The nominating committee determines appropriate time for conference calls to review the nominations. The nominating committee develops a slate of at least two candidates for each council position.
July-August The Chair of the nominating committee notifies the president and council of the slate of candidates for each council position and the chair of the nominating committee contacts each candidate to determine that they are willing to stand for election. The council approves the slate of candidates.
August The candidates and nominating committee develops brief biographical sketches for the ballot.
September The ballot with the biographical sketch is distributed to the membership for voting with a deadline for voting noted on the ballot.
October-November Results of the election are announced at the business meeting at the ASN


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