Celina Brunson (2019)


  • Catherine Park (2020)
  • Jason Peter Thomas (2020)


  • Qassim Abid
  • Kathleen Altemose
  • Elizabeth Anyaegbu
  • Donald Batisky
  • Stefanie Benoit
  • Isaac Elias
  • Wendy Glaberson
  • Ali Kurady
  • Rebecca Levy
  • Sai Sudha Mannemuddhu
  • Karezhe Mersha
  • Zubin Modi
  • Yonique Petgrave
  • Meredith Schuh
  • Michelle Starr
  • Brian Stotter

Council Liaison

  • Adam Weinstein


All ASPN Fellows

The Pediatric Fellows in Nephrology Association (pFeNa) is an informal group that includes all pediatric nephrology fellows throughout the duration of their fellowship. An established component of the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ASPN), pFeNa meets at the national conferences of the ASPN and American Society of Nephrology (ASN). They participate in ASPN activities on an ongoing basis. pFeNa has reaffirmed the following goals:

To expand the information for nephrology fellows on the ASPN website.

To arrange social events at the national meetings for fellows and prospective fellows (residents) to meet each other and ‘network.

To work with the ASPN Training and Certification Committee to enhance fellowship recruitment and training outcomes.

As such, pFeNa representatives are encouraged to participate on a number of ASPN committees, in particular those areas related to training, research, workforce, and website development.

Community Posts

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