Gina-Marie Barletta (2019)


  • Jennifer Charlton (2020)
  • Maury Pinsk (2021)
  • David Selewski (2022)


  • ASPN Admin
  • Sun-Young Ahn
  • Sharon Bartosh
  • Donald Batisky
  • Sonal Bhatnagar
  • Katherine Dell
  • Aviva Goldberg
  • Julie Goodwin
  • Erum Hartung
  • Guillermo Hidalgo
  • Jacqueline Ho
  • Tray Hunley
  • Kathy Jabs
  • Stephanie Jernigan
  • Elaine Ku
  • Juan Kupferman
  • Christoph Licht
  • Megan Lo
  • Sai Sudha Mannemuddhu
  • Asha Moudgil
  • Damien Noone
  • Daryl Okamura
  • Cozumel Pruette
  • Kimberly Reidy
  • Lisa Robinson
  • David Rozansky
  • Tarak Srivastava
  • Scott Sutherland
  • Agnieszka (Agnes) Swiatecka-Urban
  • Avram Traum
  • Priya Verghese
  • Erica Winnicki

Council Liaison

  • Sandra Amaral


  • Solicit input from the membership at large in regard in interests and educational needs that can or should be met at the annual ASPN meeting.
  • Develop the topic symposia and workshops for the annual ASPN meeting.
  • Recruit speakers and moderators for the topic symposia and workshops for the annual ASPN meeting.
  • Evaluate the reviews of the previous meeting to guide development of future programs.
  • Work with alliance organizations, IPHA, ASN, NKF to optimize and integrate the educational scope of the program and meeting the needs of the membership at large.


The Program Committee shall consist of 3 Council appointed Chairs (1 Chair & 2 Co-Chairs) not on Council, a Council Liaison and volunteer members. Chairs will serve 3 year staggered terms. Terms may be renewable at the discretion of the Council.


Two Year Renewable (with half the members rotating off in any given year).
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