Kartik Pillutla (2019)


  • Isa Ashoor (2022)
  • Allison Redpath Mahon (2020)


  • Kathleen Altemose
  • Rasheda Amin
  • Meredith Atkinson
  • Sharon Bartosh
  • Stefanie Benoit
  • Sonal Bhatnagar
  • Margret Bock
  • Michelle Denburg
  • Mohammed Faizan
  • Michael Ferguson
  • Rouba Garro
  • Roshan George
  • Susan Halbach
  • Coral Hanevold
  • Laura Hesemann
  • Halima Janjua
  • Aadil Kakajiwala
  • Elaine Kamil
  • Hetal Kocinsky
  • Robin Kremsdorf
  • Elaine Ku
  • Laura Malaga-Dieguez
  • Sai Sudha Mannemuddhu
  • Asif Mansuri
  • Kevin Meyers
  • Davoud Mohtat
  • Arwa Nada
  • Oana Nicoara
  • Hiren Patel
  • Ketan Patel
  • Sandeep Riar
  • Ann Salerno
  • Keia Sanderson
  • Patricia Seo-Mayer
  • Shweta Shah
  • Rita Sheth
  • Danielle Soranno

Council Liaison

  • Adam Weinstein


Larry Greenbaum
Pat Brophy


  • Estimates the workforce needs in our subspecialty in coming years
  • Finds ways to better attract and retain trainees in our subspecialty
  • Evaluates the “quality of life” for pediatric nephrologists and ways to enhance it


The Workforce Committee shall consist of 3 Council appointed Chairs (1 Chair & 2 Co-Chairs) not on Council, a Council Liaison and volunteer members. Chairs will serve 3 year staggered terms. Terms may be renewable at the discretion of the Council.


Two Year Renewable


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Workforce Toolboxes

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Committee Links

  • Committee Activity and Accomplishments
  • Workforce/Training Program Directors Combined Meeting Slides - PAS 2015 (Members Only Content)
  • Unpublished Position Availability Form (Members Only Content)
  • Workforce Survey Results (2010) (Members Only Content)
  • Advice from a seasoned pediatric nephrologist for those fellows seeking clinical research positions in an academic program (Members Only Content)

Community Posts

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